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Digital Products Return Policy: We want you to be happy and want to work with you if you are not satisfied with your purchase. Please contact us so we can come up with a solution. There are no refunds on any digital products; online courses, classes and eBooks. Please make sure you understand what you are purchasing. With digital products such as eBooks and online classes, the download link is immediately emailed to you. There is no way this download can be returned. If you have any questions about the product, please email us at info@joanmorais.com or call us at 1-707-426-9480

All publications including eBooks, videos and online classes by Joan Morais Naturals are copyrighted materials and cannot be shared unless given permission in writing by Joan Morais Naturals.

By purchasing a course you agree that you are fully responsible for your progress and product making results. We offer no guarantees on your product making results. The results experienced by each person may significantly vary. You are responsible to research your country and region for cosmetic making guidelines and regulations. 

Disclaimer: All content provided by Joan Morais Naturals is the result of research and experience by Joan Morais and team. Joan Morais Naturals has tried to be as precise as possible with the description of the ingredients and the recipes. Joan Morais Naturals does not make any claims regarding any of the ingredients, recipes or medical claims. We do not make any claims or are these products intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Joan Morais Naturals recommends for each individual to do their own additional research about the safety and storage of each ingredient, perform required pre-market tests for producing cosmetics and follow the USA FDA regulations, city and state regulations for cosmetics and the regulations in other countries.

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