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New Moon eBook
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New Moon

The moon affects us greatly and why wouldn’t it? Look at how it affects the tides of the ocean. The moon affects every living thing on this earth. The moon has a powerful force, push and pull. Ancient cultures understood this and used the moon’s influences and the lunar calendar for farming, gardening, planning parties and events. The moon affects our body, hair and skin. If you are in harmony with the natural cycles of the moon there is added benefit to your body, hair and skin.

I’ve used the moon phases to enhance my life and my business. One interesting thing I have observed; at the Full Moon I retain more water, my body weighs more. At the New Moon, there is less water in the earth and my body weighs less.

I garden, plan dental work, inoculations for my pets, etc. by the cycles of the moon.

The New Moon Time

There is an exact time of the new moon in every lunar cycle, every month. Three days leading up to the new moon and the new moon is a great time to detoxify, let go, release, sweat out, clear out and clean out.


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