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How To Make Flower Essences For Body, Hair, Skin eBook


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Make Flower Essences
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26 page Downloadable eBook

Flowers have an incredible power to beautify skin and hair. Flowers have been used to heal, beautify, spark joy in our life and brighten our living space. Since I was a child I have been deeply connected to flowers. Some of my earliest memories are sitting and being in awe of the beauty of flowers. 

I have used flower essences for over 18 years. Flower essences affect us in a very subtle and gentle way. 

I include flower essences in most of my formulations. You can make your own flower essences or purchase flower essences. I cover 39 flower essences I have used for body, hair and skin care products. 

- Learn about Flower Essences

- Learn How To Make Your Own Flower Essences  

- Learn about 39 Flower Essences to Use in Body, Hair and Skin Care Products

- Make a Flower Essence Room Spray

- Make a Flower Essence Body Mist




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Reviewed by Krystal
on Mar 26, 2018
Loved this book! I have used flower essences before but not like this. I have a flower essence kit that I would like to make into beautiful hair, skin, and nails products for my naturopathic business. A very unique addition.

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