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Natural Beard Oil

Baobab Beard Oil

Beard Oil formulated with Baobab Oil

About Baobab

Baobab oil comes from trees grown in Africa and Australia. These trees are known as the “Trees of Life” because they have very deep roots that can absorb a high amount of nutrients and water. With the capabilities to store gallons of water, these trees are drought resistant and can live 500+ years. The tree produces a citrus fruit and the oil is extracted from the seed, containing all these amazing nutrients!

The color of baobab oil is deep yellow or deep golden. It is rich in consistency and has the aroma of being earthy and nutty.

Benefits of Baobab Beard Oil

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3 Top Butters for Natural Hair

What is Hair Butter?

The blend of of high percentage of natural plant butters and organic oils. This hair product acts a sealant, protecting the hair while providing deep moisture, nourishment, sheen, and shine.

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Vegan Cosmetic Formulations – Cruelty-Free

Vegan Cosmetic Formulations – Cruelty-Free 

The demand for vegan body, hair and skin care products continues to grow as consumers are becoming more aware and care about the environment and the welfare of animals. In a previous post on beauty trends we covered that Google searches for Vegan Skin Care are growing over 83% each year.

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