Skin Tools for Glowing Skin

Skin Tools, Skin Roller and Gum Sha
Rose Quartz Skin Roller & Gua Sha

Rose Quartz Skin Tools

These are tools I use for skin care. Rose Quartz Face Roller and Gua Sha. I use these to give myself a facial massage, increase circulation and to add an immediate glow to my skin. You can use these daily and add as a part of your skin care routine.

Rose quartz is a crystal that dates back to ancient history. In ancient Greece, rose quartz was the crystal of Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love and Beauty. Aphrodite was an unmatched vision of beauty as are the healing properties of rose quartz.

Rose quartz represents and promotes feelings of unconditional love and self love. It is linked to bringing healing and peaceful energy to your self. When you use rose quartz on your face, it has many skin loving benefits:

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Facial and Natural Skin Care Products

Facial and Natural Skin Care Products

After having a wonderful facial at El Leon Spa in Los Angeles, CA

Facial and Natural Skin Care Products

A facial and facial massage is one of the best skin care practices for glowing and smooth skin and a radiance from within that radiates outward.

If you have not had a professional facial I encourage you to try one. The esthetician evaluates the skin, extracts blackheads, whiteheads and ingrown hairs and gives a facial massage that helps with lymphatic drainage reducing the puffiness of the skin and increasing circulation. Doing your own extractions and picking at pimples may lead to scarring of the skin.


First the face is cleansed, next exfoliated and then toned and moisturized. This process opens the pores and exposes fresh skin. It is important to apply natural skin care products; the skin is vulnerable and open and soaks in the ingredients from the cleanser, exfoliator, toner serum and moisturizer. I do not like professional facials with synthetic products. I can tell right away when there are synthetic fragrances and harsh ingredients. I want to wash everything off my face. The body is very intelligent and it rejects ingredients that are not good for it. The spa industry is a place in need of more natural skin care products. A natural spa line for facials and skin care is in demand and limited at spas. If you are interested to make a natural skin care line, the online course, Professional Natural Skin Care Product Making Course was developed for this purpose. I hope more lines will be developed and appear in spas. The facial massage feels incredibly wonderful and I recommend an hour facial for relaxation.


When the face is lovingly touched with soothing strokes, the entire body feels more relaxed and it feels so good. After the massage there is a feeling of wellness and you want to take better care of your body by eating nutritious food and being kinder to yourself.


The lymph system is extremely important and often neglected. The lymph system is just below the skin. It becomes congested with waste. A flowing lymphatic system carries out the toxins promoting radiant skin. It can help to reduce puffiness in the face and under the eyes and break outs on the skin.


Following the facial continue this practice doing a quick daily massage and use natural skin care products. Take a few extra seconds to lovingly touch your face while massaging your serum or moisturizer onto your skin. Do sweeping upward strokes, on your neck, your cheeks, temples and forehead. Gently tap with your fingers around your eyes. Smile at yourself in the mirror. Love the skin you are in right now at this moment. Love all of it; the spots, the lines and imperfections. Beauty lies in the acceptance of imperfection. Everything in nature is perfect in its imperfection, the scars on the trees, the broken branches and the worms in the apples. There is only one you. Be grateful for the beauty of you and shine it out to others.


Natural skin care products can be so simple and yet produce spectacular results with glowing, smooth, toned and radiant skin. Try making your own natural skin care products.