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summer skin care

Summer Skin Care | Protect, Hydrate and Glow

summer skin care

Summer Skin Care | Protect, Hydrate and Glow

Now that summer is here we need to rethink how we take care of and protect our skin. With longer days and more sunshine, protecting our skin is of utmost importance. Proper protection is important to ward off skin cancer as well as to prevent premature aging of the skin, wrinkles and sunspots. Read on for our top tips for summer skin care.


Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the U.S. Excessive sun exposure raises the risk of melanoma, the most deadly form of skin cancer. There are many ways you can protect your skin from the harmful UV rays, including:

  • Cover up: Wear a hat and sunglasses and light-weight clothing that minimizes your body’s exposure. There are many sunshield-type clothing on the market that offer great sun protection for those days you will be out in the sun for a long period of time (hello beach day!).
  • Sunscreen: Put on sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or higher. Make sure to apply 15- 30 minutes before exposure and reapply every two hours if you get wet, sweat or are outside for a long period of time. Check out our blog next week to read up on what kind of sunscreen to use and whether “all-natural” sunscreens work (sneak preview- they don’t).
  • Limit Exposure: Mid-day is when the sun’s rays are the hottest and most dangerous. Try to keep your outdoor activities to morning before 10am or evening after 4pm.


With hotter temperatures and spending more time outside, it is easier to get dehydrated and our skin easily reflects it. Make sure you are getting at least 8 glasses of water a day, even more if you have any caffeinated drinks. Not a fan of plain water- make it fruit or vegetable infused by adding lemons, strawberries, cucumber, etc. to your water. You can also make non-caffeinated herbal ice tea or try one of the many flavored sparkling waters that are all the rage- just make sure they do not have any added sugar.

Face Masks are another great way to hydrate your skin. Use a mask with nourishing ingredients that will add moisture to the skin.

Hydrating Toners can help add moisture, soothe and balance you skin. Here is an easy Rose Facial Toner recipe.

Light moisturizers for face and body are great to apply after spritzing your face with toner to lock in added moisture. We love our Camu Camu Moisturizing Cream as it not only moisturizes, but is also a great anti-aging product. Learn how to make this moisturizer in our Professional Natural Skin Care Product Making Course.


Summer brings us an abundance of fruits and vegetables. Fruits and veggies great for our health and they can also be used in our skin care. Plants work synergistically with the skin and produce radiant and glowing skin. Our Fresh Skin Care from the Kitchen and Garden eBook includes 28 recipes for cleansers, exfoliates, masks, toners, moisturizers, etc. using fruits, vegetables and other plant-based ingredients. These recipes produce an immediate result with a natural vibrancy, softness and glow to the skin. You will be amazed at the softening of your skin and the glow.

How do you take care of your skin care needs in the summer? We’d love to hear from you in the comments!

Here’s to an amazing summer with great skin!

cupuacu butter

Ingredient Spotlight | Cupuacu Butter

cupuacu butterIngredient Spotlight | Cupuacu Butter

Our ingredient spotlight today is on cupuacu butter. Have you heard of cupuacu butter?  Cupuacu butter is from the cupuacu tree that grows in the Amazon rainforest by cold-pressing the seeds of the fruit. It is related to the cacao tree and has been used to make white chocolate. It is also very nourishing and a soft emollient when used in body care products.

Nourishing & Anti-Aging

Cupuacu butter is high in antoxidants, essential fatty acids, and phytosterols, a compound found in plants, that has been found to have anti-aging properties and is highly nourishing. Cupuacu butter can be used to treat dry and damaged skin as it encourages new collagen production. Cupuacu butter is also very hydrating and is able to retain water in your skin.

Vegan & Cruelty-Free Beauty

Cupuacu butter is a great vegan/plant-based alternative to lanolin. Lanolin comes from the glands of wool-bearing animals (mainly sheep) and is often used in body care products meant for deep nourishment. Cupuacu butter actually provides superior skin hydration compared to lanolin and it does not cause skin irritation that many receive as a result from using products containing lanolin. On another note, many consumers are wanting products that are vegan and cruelty-free when it comes to animal treatment. In fact, Google highlights vegan skin care as an important trend with searches for it growing over 80% each year! Learn more about vegan and cruelty-free cosmetics here.

Uses of Cupuacu Butter in Body Care Products

We use cupuacu butter in several of the formulas in the Professional Natural Skin Care Product Making Course; Camu Camu Cream, Cupuacu Body Butter.  These are some of our favorite formulas that are highly moisturizing. The uses of cupuacu butter in body care products is endless! With it’s nourishing, smoothing and anti-aging properties, cupuacu butter can be used in a variety of products including:

  • Lip balm
  • Body butter/balm
  • Leave-in Hair Conditioner
  • Anti-Aging Skin Toner
  • Sun protectant
  • Anti-inflammatory

Cupuacu Butter Resources

When purchasing ingredients for skin and hair care products, it is important you are getting a high quality product that is responsibly sourced.

At Joan Morais Naturals we recommend the following supplier:

Essential Wholesale

Interested in making your own natural skin and hair care products using cupuacu butter and other specialty natural ingredients? Check out the online courses

Anti-Aging Pomegranate :: Facial Serum

Anti-Aging Pomegranate :: Facial Serum

Pomegranate has always been one of my favorite fruits. When I was a child, there was a pomegranate tree on my way home walking from school. I would climb into the pomegranate tree and pick a pomegranate. I peeled and ate the pomegranate and of course I stained my school uniform. My white blouse would have spots of red everywhere. I would try and wash out the stain before my mom would see it. It would have been so much easier if the uniforms were red.

Years ago, in my herbal certification program, I chose pomegranate to do a report on and present to the group. Pomegranate Punica granatum means “apple having many seeds.” Pomegranate is an ancient fruit, cultivated since prehistoric times. It is considered the fruit of life and the symbol of fertility. It has many medicinal uses, one of them helping to balance hormones and promote estrogen production. Pomegranate is excellent for the skin.

Pomegranate is a Super Fruit, a powerful antioxidant that fights free radicals and slows the aging process. It is more potent than red wine, green tea, blueberry and cranberry juice. Pomegranate is high in flavonoids, polyphenols and Vitamin C.

Vitamin C is known to be highly effective in reducing skin damage from sun exposure. Sun exposure can cause wrinkles and premature aging. Vitamin C helps protect the skin from the sun exposure. Vitamin C is also a key ingredient to reduce acne. The best way to get Vitamin C is from the actual whole food source.

Pomegranate assists with firming, toning and balancing the skin.

Pomegranate is exceptional in anti-aging skin care product formulations.

I make juice extract and flower essence from pomegranate and use these in my formulations.


Fresh Pomegranate Facial Toner
one use for one day
1 tablespoon organic pomegranate juice
1 tablespoon spring water

Make fresh daily. Mix juice and water. Apply toner to clean skin in the morning and evening.

Anti-Aging Pomegranate Facial Serum
oil serum for one month
2 tablespoons jojoba oil
¼ teaspoon pomegranate seed oil
1 drop carrot seed essential oil
2 drops sweet orange essential oil

Combine all ingredients and mix. Add oil to 1/2 ounce glass jar or bottle. Apply a few drops of oil onto moist skin. Massage into the skin.

Pomegranate Clear Skin Smoothie
½ cup organic pomegranate juice
1/3 cup soy or coconut yogurt
1/3 cup organic frozen berries (raspberries and/or blueberries)
1 teaspoon ground flax seed

Place all ingredients in the blender and blend until smooth.

joan morais Joan Morais is a natural cosmetic formulator, instructor, author and the owner of Joan Morais Naturals. Joan assists product makers on how to make high quality, stable and effective natural body, hair and skin care products for personal use and a product making business.

Camu camu is a superb ingredient to use in formulations for slowing the process of skin aging

Came camu cream

Camu Camu Myrciaria dubia
Camu camu is a bushy tree with edible fruits native to the Amazonian rain forest in Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela and Peru. The leaves and fruit are used for medicinal purposes. The berry is used in cosmetics. The berry color is reddish and light orange and similar to the size of a lemon. The berry has several types of flavonoids and therefore highly antioxidant. It is one of the fruits highest in vitamin C. Vitamin C is crucial to collagen production, slows the aging process of the skin, protects the skin and helps to firm and brighten the skin

Camu camu is one of my favorite ingredients to use in facial skin care products. I have received feedback about the noticeably differences from testers using my facial cream with camu camu in it. The feedback is their skin is clearer, brighter, moisturized and softer after using the camu camu cream.

Camu camu is a superb ingredient to use in formulations for slowing the process of skin aging, protecting the skin and brightening the skin. I like using camu camu in facial serums and moisturizers.

Camu camu cream formulation is available in the Pro Natural Skin Care Course here.