Bamboo in Skin Care and Hair Care Products

Bamboo in Skin Care and Hair Care Products

Bamboo in Skin Care and Hair Care Products

Bamboo, Bambusa vulgaris, is a primitive grass and in the grass family. It is one of the fastest growing plants on earth. The foliage and grass is extracted and used in several types of extracts available for the use in cosmetics.

Bamboo is an incredible and versatile ingredient in skin and hair care formulations. Bamboo is rich in silica. Silica helps to improve the elasticity of the skin. I use bamboo extracts, isoflavones and bamboo bioferments in skin and hair care formulations in the Professional Natural Hair Care and Skin Care Product Making Course.

In Skin and Hair Care Formulations Bamboo Is:
Natural replacement for silicone

Promotes radiant skin

Adds shine, sheen and luster to hair

Removes build up on hair

Adds a nice smooth and silky feel to the hair and skin

Adds slip to formulations

Moisturizing Mango and Bamboo Body Lotion formulation is available here.

joan morais Joan Morais is a natural cosmetic formulator, instructor, author and the owner of Joan Morais Naturals. Joan assists product makers on how to make high quality, stable and effective natural body, hair and skin care products for personal use and a product making business.