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Cosmetic Formulator Joan Morais

I teach online classes and courses on how to make natural hair and natural skin care products. I am a plant-based cosmetic formulator and instructor. Students learn to make lotion, moisturizer, cream, age-defying serum, mask, lip gloss, shampoo, co-wash, leave-in, conditioner, soap, candles and so much more. I have been fortunate to work with and assist thousands to learn the science and art of formulating and producing natural hair and skin care products. 

I am a certified aromatherapist and herbalist. My cosmetic chemistry studies, herbal, ayurvedic and aromatherapy studies with enormous amounts of research influence my formulations of natural skin and hair care products. Formulating is an art and science. I am also the author of A Time To Celebrate.

My passion is to teach others how to make creative,cruelty free, plant-based, vegan, holistic, and exquisite natural products and create a successful product making business. Sign up to receive email updates from me on new product releases, specials and helpful information here.

I love animals and nature; being outdoors with the unique and beautiful plants, flowers, herbs, trees and animals.

We are a mother and daughters team at Joan Morais Naturals. One of our main missions is to provide excellent customer service.

I am Hawaiian Born. I was born on the Hawaiian Island of Kauai, on Kamakani, one of the last sugar plantations and then moved to Kalaheo, near Mt. Waialeale (the wettest spot on earth). I have resided most of my life in California but Hawaii affected me deeply and opened up in me a nature and animal lover. As a child I was deeply connected to nature and animals. I sat under the trees, gazed at flowers and counted the petals. For hours, I would watch the bees visit the flowers, hang out under trees and connect with nature. I feel free and well outside in nature. As an adult, I reconnected to nature, knowing the direct connection of my well-being to the beauty and beingness of nature, the food I ate and eating cruelty-free. I knew the direct connection of what we eat and how it affects our mind and body. The tremendous cruelty and suffereing animals go through to provide food for us is transferred to us when we eat it. I gave up eating animal foods after watching the process animals go through in factory farms and slaughter houses. I can no longer be a part of this insane cruelty. I eat plant-based. After eating plant-based, vegan for only two weeks, my psoriasis completely disappeared and was cured. Psoriasis has a legacy in my family with my dad and grandfather having psoriasis. If you have ever had a skin issue, you know how horribly it can affect your life. I extended cruelty-free, plant-based and vegan to Joan Morais Naturals as there is tremendous cruelty to animals in cosmetics with unnecessary testing on animals, bunnies, cats, dogs and cruetly with the use of civet, emu, musk and other animal products in cosemtics. I have always had an innate sense of wisdom about using natural products on my skin and in my home and to eat foods that have been grown in a loving way. I am now aligned and living my truth every day with what I have always known since a child. My hubby, three daughters and two grandchildren are my everything. I live in the Bay Area, Northern California.

My mission in life is to learn every day, treat myself and others with love and respect and do what I love. I believe in possibility and prosperity for all. My motto is “Be It". First, change your mind for the better, take action and your life will naturally change for the better. It is being the change you want to see.

Mahalo for all of your support over the years! I wish you much joy, love, prosperity, health and laughter.



Media Bio (Joan Morais authorizes permission for use of this bio)

Joan Morais is a natural cosmetic formulator and instructor at Joan Morais Naturals. She teaches courses and writes training manuals on making natural and organic hair and skin care products. Joan teaches and consults on formulating and producing lotion, cream, soap, body butter, hair care products, natural perfume, aromatherapy, plant based candles, bath products and more. Joan assists people from all over the world to learn the art and science of making natural products and has taught at top spas and companies. She is a certified aromatherapist and herbalist. 

Joan’s passion is to teach others holistic cruelty free beauty through making creative and professional products and create a successful product making business. To learn more about Joan Morais, visit her website at www.JoanMorais.com

How I define “NATURAL”

Natural cosmetics are made from raw materials sourced from nature, such as plants and minerals and from a renewable natural source. The raw materials go through the least amount of processing and the processing methods cause the least impact to humans, animals and the earth. Natural cosmetics assist to beautify and promote radiant body, skin and hair. Active nutrients known as nutraceuticals are supplements such as vitamins for the skin and are beneficial to the skin are sometimes used. No petroleum ingredients are used.

Instructed and Lectured At:

  • Alliance of International Aromatherapists (AIA) Conference
  • UC Davis
  • Napa Valley College
  • St. Helena Upper Valley College
  • Solano Community College
  • Method pop-up store in Chicago
  • Kripalu
  • La Costa Resort and Spa
  • Learning Exchange
  • City of Fairfield
  • The Nova Studio
  • California Institute of Massage and Spa Services
  • Pace Solano
  • San Francisco New College

Completed Courses:

  • Cosmetic Chemistry
  • Developing Natural Cosmetic Formulations
  • Physiology of the Skin
  • The Institute of Integrative Aromatherapy Certificate Program
  • Ayurvedic Clinical Aromatherapy
  • Cultivating the Herbal Medicine Woman Within: an in-depth certificate course exploring herbology
  • Making Natural Perfumes with Mandy Aftel
  • Apitherapy
  • Master Gardener Program
  • Women’s Herbs
  • Hydrosols
  • Flower Essences
  • Ayurveda for the Westerner
  • Professional Plant-Based Certification Course
  • Cooking with Chinese Herbs
  • Cooking for Health
  • Mushrooms as Medicine
  • Seaweed as Food and Medicine
  • Women’s Wisdom: Health & Well-Being
  • Reiki I


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