Soy & Veggie Wax Candles

soy & veggie wax candles

Are you still buying store bought candles? Once you make your own candles for the first time you may never go back to store bought candles again! You will learn how simple it is to make candles, how much money you will save in doing so and how much better you will feel knowing they burn clean and you are not breathing in toxic fumes.

These 8 ounce candles retail for about $14- $25 and cost about $3 to make. I made 30 of them and saved $300- $600+ by making them myself!

veggie wax candle steps
It took me a lot of money, time, trial and error to figure out which wicks work best for soy wax and the glass containers. I put all that I learned in the How To Make Aromatherapy Soy Candles Class so you don’t have to test hundreds of wicks to figure out what works best. The easiest, fastest and cheapest way to learn is from a tried and true formula and someone else’s experience.
Included in the eBook as well as container candles is how to make votive candles and aromatherapy soy melts. Scent with essential oils and fruit aromas, and color with natural colorants for all natural candles.
Soy & Veggie Wax Candles
These fun bright candles were for a Summer Solstice Party, see when Summer Solstice is and party ideas here >>
votives bright on towel


Now time to make candles, learn how to make all the above candles HERE.