Homemade gift ideas

Homemade Gift Ideas


The holidays are here! Have you thought about making your own gifts this year? Receiving a homemade gift from a loved one is often more meaningful than anything store bought. We rounded up 5 of our favorite homemade gift ideas.

1. Spice Blend for Cooking

Putting together a blend of spices to use in cooking is a great gift idea. Spice blends can be used for a variety of things such as soups, casseroles, rice dishes, etc. Mix all the spices in a cute mason jar and included a typed up recipe that calls for the spice blend.

Some great examples of spice blends that can be used for this gift are:

Oh She Glows: 10-Spice Mix gift jars

Wellness Mama: 14 Homemade Spice blends

2. Baked goodies in a jar

Another great idea is layering all the dry ingredients for a baked good in a mason jar with the recipe attached. The baked good can be cookies, brownies, muffins, cupcakes, etc.

Here is a unique cookie recipe for mason jar gifting.

Vegan Richa’s Cowboy Cookie Mix

3. Chai Tea Spice Mix

Put together a chai tea spice mix and include it in a cute mug with the recipe on how to make chai tea.

Check out Joan’s Chai Tea Spice Mix here for a recipe to use.

4. Candles

Did you know that making your own candles is not only lots of fun, but quite doable? You can personalize it by creating your own scents to be uplifting, calming, relaxing or romantic. You can create different shapes using different containers and make them different colors.

A great resource to making your own candles is our How to Make Candles Online Class. You will learn how to make 10 different types of candles, how to pick the right wick, how to scent with essential oils, how to naturally color with plants, and more.

For more information or to purchase the class, click here.

5. Bath Fizzies

bath bombsAs we have mentioned in our previous blog post on the top beauty trends, Bath Fizzies aka Bath Bombs are all the rage. When you drop a bath fizzy in water, it fizzes out all of the ingredients releasing aroma, salts, oils and herbs into the bath tub. People are loving products that they can put in their bath tubs. Bath fizzies can also be a fun activity for the kiddos to use as well. Bath fizzies are very simple to make and you can personalize them with different scents, dried herbs, and dried flowers.

Check out our How to Make Natural Bath Fizzies, Shower Fizzers, Bath Melts Ebook for more information. This ebook includes 17 different Fizzy-type recipes, how to scent with essential oils and natural fruit aromas, Eco Friendly packing, and more.

6. Gift Certificate for Joan Morais Naturals

Gift of Creativity: An instant, easy and no stress gift; giving someone or asking for a gift certificate for yourself. Know of someone interested in making natural body, hair or skin care, candles or soap or are you interested? Help to fulfill their wish and tap into creativity and the joy of making natural products. Purchase an instant gift certificate!


Are you planning to make your own gifts to hand out to family and friends? What’s your favorite handmade gift to make or receive? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below.