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Joan’s Soap Making

Written on January 11, 2017 at 2:09 pm


Have you checked out our latest Instagram videos on soap making?


You can find them by:

  • Going to our Instagram, @JoanMoraisNaturals
  • Searching Instagram under hashtag #joanssoapmaking and all the videos are tagged there

I share a lot of information and show the process of making soap.

To learn how to make your own soap by using my recipes, you can do so here.



 Joan Morais is a natural cosmetic formulator, instructor, author and the owner of Joan Morais Naturals. Joan assists product makers on how to make high quality, stable and effective natural body, hair and skin care products for personal use and a product making business.…


Cold Process Soap Making Classes

Written on February 18, 2015 at 3:53 pm

(un-molding and cutting the fresh soap I made)

See Part 1 Making the Soap here

There are many cold process soap making classes but have you ever thought about taking a soap making class online? The Cold Process Soap Making Online Class is such an easy and successful way to learn to make soap. It is so helpful to watch the soap making video when you are going to make soap. You can watch the video over and over until you get it.

Check out all you learn in the Cold Process Soap Making Online Class.


Making Cold Process Soap

Written on February 18, 2015 at 3:52 pm

Cold process soap making is one of my very favorite products to make. I love making soap and made a couple of batches of soap.  I have used my soap I have made for 8 years almost everyday. It’s my body wash. It always leaves my skin soft and moisturized. I even use it on my face. The secret is to have extra oils to moisturize the skin.

My grandmother made soap. Every time I make soap, I think of her. Back in the old days they used scraps to make soap. That’s exactly what I did this time with all my odds and ends of oils I had around.…


Is Tallow still necessary in soap?

Written on July 7, 2014 at 7:31 pm

Tallow is a common ingredient in many products, including most soaps, eye makeup, lipsticks, makeup bases and foundations, shampoos, shaving soaps, moisturizers and skin care products. Tallow is made by rendering animal fat, which means boiling the carcasses to create fatty byproducts. The dead animals used to make tallow come from many different sources, including labs, slaughterhouses, zoos, shelters, and roadkill.

To me there is nothing more unappealing than the thought of bathing in rendered animal fat to get clean (turns my stomach just thinking about it and the scent that comes along with it). Tallow (as well as Lard- pig fat) is what most commercially mass-produced soaps are made from and is the largest percentage ingredient. …


Palm Oil – Is There Such a Thing As Sustainable Palm Oil?

Written on October 23, 2013 at 3:53 pm

Rescued orangutans whose habitat was destroyed, Borneo Orangutan Survival

What are you thoughts on Palm Oil – Is there such a thing as sustainable palm oil? I use my handmade herbal soap everyday. It is my favorite. This soap has lots of lather, bubbles, creaminess and an uplifting scent. This soap leaves the skin feeling soft. This palm oil free formula is a sustainable soap bar with a stable shelf life; a minimum of 2 years.

There is a lot of controversy over palm oil. Deforestation and loss of orangutans and their habitat is happening at alarming rates. It is hard to find the truth for “sustainable palm”.…