Turmeric Glow Mask

September 12, 2014

turmeric mask

WOW, this facial mask is so easy to whip up and leaves your skin looking absolutely radiant! Turmeric is a powerful, healing spice. It has been a tradition in Indian cultures for the bride to apply a turmeric body scrub and facial mask to brighten her skin and to be glowing for  her wedding day. …


A message from Joan on the Professional Natural Hair Care Course

September 4, 2014

A message from Joan about the upcoming Pro Hair Care Course.

To find out more about the Professional Natural Hair Care Product Making Course and to sign up go here.

We can’t wait for class to start and to meet you!

Pro Hair Care Course


+ Online Classes= Excellent Way to Learn


Doves: Peace and Love

September 1, 2014

two loving white doves

This last month, I have watched a flock of doves fly together, bathe in water and lovingly sit by each other. I listen to their gentle coos. It saddens me deeply as today is the opening for dove hunting. I will no longer see this flock of doves as the hunters have shot them. Every …


Hair Oil and Beard Oil

August 30, 2014

Hair Oil and Beard Oil

Hair Oil promotes a nurtured and balanced scalp and shiny, soft and smooth hair. Hair oil can be activated by heat and left on the hair, added to damp hair, to the ends of hair or massaged onto the scalp before shampooing.

Plant oils are truly one of nature’s gift for radiant hair and a …


Hair Mist

August 29, 2014

hair mist
Hair mist is an exceptional product for hair and it has many purposes. Hair mist is one of my favorite products and I use it daily. Hair mist is a water-based product. A hair mist can be applied to wet or dry hair depending on the purpose.

There are so many different ways to formulate …