DIY Sheeny Shiny Hair Serum

October 17, 2014

This serum adds shine and sheen to hair. It is perfect for smoothing ends, taming frizz, defining curls and softening hair.


Find my Sheeny Shiny Hair Serum recipe at Naturally Curly here.…


Hair Rinse – Replenish Moisture, Soften Hair, Add Body

October 9, 2014

Hair Rinse- Replenish Moisture, Soften Hair, Add Body

Hair rinses help to stimulate the scalp and improve blood circulation and this improves hair growth. Hair rinses replenish moisture, soften hair and add body to the hair. Hair rinse soothes an irritated scalp and promotes shiny hair.

Hair rinse can be made with fresh ingredients. All hair loves a fresh hair rinse. Try the …


Hair Mask – Nourishment & Deep Conditioning

October 8, 2014

Hair mask adds nourishment and deep conditioning to the hair. It helps to repair damaged hair, add manageability and promote smooth and shiny hair. Hair masks can be made using fresh ingredients, dried ingredients or like a conditioning cream.


Fresh Hair Mask
Fruits, veggies and fat rich ingredients are great to strengthen and condition …


The Purpose of Hair Conditioner

October 7, 2014

The Purpose of Hair Conditioner
The purpose of hair conditioner is to make hair more manageable, easier to detangle and comb through wet hair. It also provides substantivity, coats the hair and improves the condition of the surface of hair. Hair conditioner seals in moisture, protects the hair and creates shinier and smoother hair.

Conditioners can be formulated as rinse-off …


Turmeric Glow Mask

September 12, 2014

turmeric mask

WOW, this facial mask is so easy to whip up and leaves your skin looking absolutely radiant! Turmeric is a powerful, healing spice. It has been a tradition in Indian cultures for the bride to apply a turmeric body scrub and facial mask to brighten her skin and to be glowing forĀ  her wedding day. …